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These are amazing self-paced programs that will give a jumpstart to your journey to health and wellness.

7 Day Clean Eating To End Sugar Cravings

A 7-Day Clean Eating To End Sugar Cravings program designed by a holistic health professional to jumpstart your weight loss, help you the extra weight, rejuvenate your body and mind, and reclaim your health!

Meet the coach

Jo Ellen Dennis


I’m so glad you found my website! I’m Jo, a wellness coach and health advocate based in Arizona with a passion for helping families with children lead healthier, more vibrant lives. Growing up as an elite level gymnast, while spending hours on end in the gym, I was not taught about nutrition, but simply told to lose weight. Fast forward, and working as an elementary school teacher, and being trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am grateful to have learned the most effective ways to set and achieve realistic wellness goals.

Do you feel too tired to make dinner and find yourself heading to the drive-thru? Does your family sleep in with no time for breakfast? Do your kids eat breakfast at school? First handedly, and all too often, I have seen the student slumped over on a sugar low and claiming to be too tired to work. Do you have a student athlete that heads for energy drinks or sugar before practice? Is your student looking for that competitive edge in their sport? Well, through a holistic and integrative approach, with a focus on clean eating, I look forward to helping you and your family reach your highest potentials.

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